Top 10 Wellness Benefits For A Luxury Home

If you are thinking about upgrading your property with a home spa, steam room, swimming pool or sauna then welcome, you have come to the right place. It is now time to stop imagining and start building.

So, based on studies, here are the top 10 benefits in having your own wellness retreat at home:



A wellness space is the path to improved well-being with stress-relieving effect on you, your family and friends. A home pool, hot tub, a sauna or a steam room can help you find balance, both mentally and physically. 

The opportunity to have a facility like this at home offers sanctuary where you get to unwind and spend time alone or with your family. This time spent in a luxury pool, for example, can provide the perfect opportunity to pause, reflect and allow for more thoughtful communication and silent contemplation.


Mind & Body 

Spa treatments are one of the oldest human practices, with everybody from the Romans to the ancient Byzanties building hammams, bathhouses, saunas, and other facilities for communal bathing. A recent study (1) in Finland found that frequent access to a sauna, such as a home spa or pool facility, 4-7 times a week were found to have 66% less chance of getting a dementia diagnosis.

The investment in your psychological well-being doesn’t stop there. They also found (2), in 2015, that regular access to swimming pool facilities contributed to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Two scientific studies in 2012 and 2016 (3) state that short and sharp weekly use of your home luxury facility can broadly benefit your body’s health markers.


Mood Soothing

Having access to your own personalised luxury pool at home helps to manage your mood, and reduce stress. The heat of an indoor pool, for example, helps us to relax and regulates the level of cortisol in our blood. Cortisol is the hormone that is released when we’re stressed. Too higher levels of cortisol can lead to many health issues such as problems with the immune system and with sleeping.

Thus, having private access to a home pool on a daily basis can reduce the levels of cortisol in your blood. In turn stimulating the production of serotonin. Serotonin is our “happy hormone” that makes us feel good and counteracts depression. 


Immune Protection 

Swimming has proven to have a positive effect on our immune system. Regular bathing dramatically reduces the risk of catching common colds or flu. The heat of an indoor pool can boost the blood circulation and production of white blood cells. This helps protecting us against viral and bacterial attacks.

Also, the effects of cold-water swimming on the immune system have been carefully evaluated also. It was found (4) that cold water will boost the white blood cell count because the body is forced to react to changing conditions. Over time, your body becomes more effective and quicker at activating its defenses. 


Home Comfort

The heat, the silence and the solitude of a home spa facility will help you relax.  Research has shown that a swimming session, for example can have dramatic effects on sleeping patterns. By raising the body temperature through swimming your heated body will work to readjust its temperature. It is during this cooling-down period after a swim that will lull you off to sleep. Leaving you calm and relaxed enough to sleep soundly through the night.

Opting to have a swimming pool at home has a wide range of health benefits. Not just through swimming itself but therapeutically in regards to being near or in water on a daily basis. Research suggests (5) that we both consciously and unconsciously feel these primitive positive effects of being around water and swimming pools. Experts confirm that swimming is indeed very beneficial for the mind, especially if you have access to a pool in your home or garden.


Stress Relief

Both outdoor and indoor swimming pools are a central feature that bring pride and aesthetic brilliance to any garden. Moving back to the basics swimming itself, it is a fun and effective way to relieve stress. This means for the whole family, potentially more so than any other type of physical exercise.  

Interestingly, further research (6) found that being immersed in water boosts the blood flow to the brain. This increases the supply of oxygen, glucose and nutrients which would suggest a positive impact on brain health. The opportunity to do this on a daily basis on your own property at a time and place that suits your needs is the perfect chance to improve your well-being. 


Child Development

A scientific study (7) found that children with access to a pool and learn to swim earlier, reach major cognitive developmental milestones. This includes oral expression, literacy, numeracy and visual motor skills – earlier than their peers and non-swimmers.

So, your children or grandchildren will have the pleasure of enjoying this luxury space not only for recreation but also for growth.


Family Focused

Regular swimming, even just half an hour at a time, is known to be effective for lowering incidences of depression and anxiety. This also improves sleep patterns, across the whole family. Regardless of your age, swimming at home releases endorphins, the natural feelgood hormones. Leading us to experience a greater sense of happiness and well-being.

Physical activity such as swimming can lead to a 30% improvement in self-worth, increasing general satisfaction in life. This improvement can transfer from your luxury personally tailored pool into wider aspects of life such as work and schooling. 


Extended Life

A recent study (2017) that evidences the health and well-being benefits of swimming was released by Swim England (8). The report shows that the unique benefits of water make it the perfect place for people of all ages to exercise. 

The report also found evidence that swimmers live longer and helps older people stay mentally and physically fit. It also showed that participation in swimming lessons can help children to develop physical, cognitive and social skills quicker. We offer access to these benefits with installation of a home pool or spa experience. Even for older adults living with conditions such as dementia, swimming is a great way to improve memory, focus and concentration.


Blue is the Colour

Evidence (9) suggests that the colour blue, whether it’s the pool water itself or its surroundings and environment improve mental well-being. Blue is a soothing colour that affects us psychologically. Our unique colour ranges and gradients, for example pale blue tones, are suggested to be calming for the mind and aid concentration.

Blue is abundant throughout the natural world. It’s associated with water, the colour of the vast ocean and the endless sky, we aim to hone in on these facts and harness the benefits.  The human body is made of about 70% water. Therefore, it is no wonder that the majority of us feel drawn towards water. Having this opportunity throughout your own personal space at home has a soothing influence on the mind, and indeed our body.

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