Stubbington Luxury Home Project

This project has been one of our largest in 2020 and our team is still working on the design part. It includes two massive extensions, one of which is connected to the main house, complete with a Zen garden, swimming pool, and spa. The second extension comprises an enclosed sitting area and a serene children’s play area. The play is accessible through a pergola walkway. This project also includes designing the entire downstairs on the ground floor. 

Contemporary Style

The project falls under the contemporary style both for the interior design and proposed extensions. Our team seeks to transform this massive dream home and breathe in some life via their architectural visualizations. In the end, their goal is to ensure that the clients are not only happy but to also assist them in making an informed decision. Considering the size of this house, and the costs involved, there are numerous considerations that our client had to make.

Our team strives to provide the best services and recommend the best products. As a result, our clients needed to think about the type of materials he would use and the best style that would match their vision. When it comes to renovating or executing interior works in your home, you need to understand that it’s a long-term investment. With that in mind, you want to avoid a situation where you will have to conduct repairs often.


In this case, our team held lengthy discussions with the clients and recommended the best durable materials. The result was an elegant combination of creativity and artistry. Our team at L’Azure designed everything you see in these pictures. Our clients were happy and we are both excited and proud to be among the few designers that can design such animated products.  Our clients in the wellness, swimming pool, and interior design sector have grown to love our products, and we can only be grateful.

At some point, we incorporated mood boards for our clients. We have walked this journey with our clients from the very first stage up to now. After years of dealing with diverse clients, we understand that each client is different and their needs vary. Due to this, we give each of our client’s special and personalized attention to give them the best experience and results.