Probably the most important step in producing a luxury swimming pool is the installation. Our intricate designs and years of experience providing the premium-level service quality you deserve have given us the ability to be able to perfectly calibrate your systems to match the design, function and requirements.

We are specialists in ascertaining the optimal MEP for each individual installation, meaning we can guarantee your pool will be installed for optimum performance and longevity. The MEP, mechanical, electrical and plumbing, requirements differ from project to project, so we use specialized equipment to calculate the exact requirements for you.

Every detail is planned in great detail before construction and installation begin. From the presentation of mood boards, visualization of your newly-designed swimming pool, construction, installation and any comments or concerns from you, each step is secured with quality control practices that ensure 100% satisfaction at every stage.

Calibration calculators and a range of industry leading techniques and equipment all work together with our installation experts’ own experiences to take the pool’s standards, design specifications and regulations into consideration when organizing and planning your swimming pool installation.

If you have any questions for our team, we’re always happy to assist you so just pick up the phone and speak to a friendly member of the family of bespoke luxury at L’Azure.