Unpredictable weather and temperamental temperatures make indoor swimming pools a great choice for the UK. A practical statement of unbridled luxury and a stress-free way to enjoy a deluxe wellness experience, an indoor pool is a brilliant idea for any home with the space.

We’ve designed numerous indoor pools for a range of exclusive clients, from high-end private properties to 5-star hotels. In fact, over 80% of the pools we design and manage are indoor pools, which might have something to do with unpredictable UK weather patterns and an abundance of rainy days.

We’re experts at designing indoor swimming pools, with the knowledge we need to ensure that air filtrations system and window heating to prevent condensation are all fully and properly implemented. Our bespoke service pulls you in right from the very start. Designers send mood boards to give you a feel of their design.

We offer the option to visualise your indoor pool and the surroundings to experience the lighting, mood, atmosphere and feel the true beauty of it right before your eyes, before construction even begins.

Give us a call to discuss your indoor pool requirements. We can even provide to your wellness space the interior it deserves with our premium wellness interior design services.