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We are extremely passionate about creating impeccable designs and offering an unparalleled level of immersion when it comes to our planning and presentation tools. And, while we always do our best to describe our services and techniques in as much detail as possible, sometimes it’s better to see what we have to offer for yourself. After all, seeing is believing.

Our featured project is a major extension and interior design project that is currently in development. We have chosen this particular project to showcase our expertise because this commission involves nearly every one of our strongest service offerings. We want to take you on a virtual tour of this project to showcase the meticulous design work that went into it. Each of our design projects comes with a level of detail that is equally as impressive as what you see here. Whether you are a high-end developer looking to wow your clients with cutting-edge designs, or you are an architect looking to take your drawings to the next level, you will see that we have exactly what you need.

Major Extension for House in Stubbington

This featured project is a major extension for a house in Stubbington. As you can see, there are several unique features that make our designs special. Here, a complete redesign of the downstairs living areas can be seen. The materials, textures, lighting and shadow, as well as the atmosphere can easily be felt. Our goal was to create a space full of light, but also with a touch of warmth. The clean lines and modern designs maximize space while not appearing overly simplistic at the same time.

The swimming pool is planned as an extension of the house, along with an outdoor sitting area. The luxury swimming pool effortlessly compliments the existing design of the house as if it were included in the original plans of the property. The swimming pool structure is attached to the house and includes a steam room and sauna. The back garden has been completely redesigned to include a Zen garden, as well as an outside sitting area styled to match the structure for the swimming pool.

Our Plans

We provide varying levels of detail, depending on what our clients request. We offer basic, yet still highly detailed drawings and floorplans as well as the fully rendered 3D interactive VR-enabled walkthroughs that we are so well known for. Check out our image gallery as well as our video fly-through to get a complete picture of the services we offer.

Our Exclusive Services are Here for You

No matter how or why you have come to us, you can rest assured that we will provide you with some of the best design experiences available within the luxury swimming pool industry. One aspect of our business model that we know you will love is that we only work with a handful of clients at a time and when you take us on board you are guaranteed our undivided attention. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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