Carlton Luxury Apartments

In August 2020, we received this thrilling project that gave us an opportunity to design a custom made swimming pool for an opulent apartment complex within the Carlton area. Our designers are experienced and skilled in the swimming pool industry. We collaborated with our client to come up with the best strategy in terms of building materials, cost, and plant room equipment. 

Considerations to Make

In this case, our designers held discussions with the client to come up with the right materials for the pool shell and finishes. Another important factor to consider is the landscape as well as the surrounding buildings. For this project, there was sufficient space, and our designers had an easy time making decisions and recommending the best practices. 

Excellent Materials

Having been in the industry for many years, our designers understand where to get the best materials. What’s more, you can even source the products yourselves. For example, in this case, we leveraged our contacts in the sector and directed our client to the best shops.