Your new L’Azure Design project will be your pride and joy once it’s been installed. Dripping with lashings of luxury that you never thought possible, your interiors, garden, swimming pool or wellness space is unquestionably in trusted hands. You need to have the confidence that everything will go according to plan, and that everyone working on making your vision a reality is an expert in their field.

Our in-house designers are dedicated to providing a fully bespoke service for you, and our builders are no different. At L’Azure, we only use the best builders we can find. All with an abundance of experience with complicated, intricate and bespoke installation, our builders are dedicated to providing a flawless service.

When it comes to selecting the builders for build and installation, we have a set of criteria that each builder needs to meet. Their level of experience and reputation within the industry are of the utmost importance to us, as they are to you. We also make sure that the quality of their previous builds is up to the standard that we provide. We don’t let just anyone in on your deluxe project, it takes time, hard work and a finesse that only the best in the business have to be able to achieve the highest levels of luxury quality we provide time and time again.

All of our builders are titans in the world of building and installation. They work quickly, to the highest possible standard and can accommodate requests, resolve issues and achieve brilliance. Their proven track record is what makes them unique, their passion for always getting it right and their exquisite attention to detail is what makes us believe in their ability to get the job done.

When you trust L’Azure to design you the perfect blend of luxury and relaxation with all the subtle hints of personality and nuance of radiance, you also trust us to know who the best builder for the job is. We work closely with the client and the builders to ensure that every aspect of your construction and installation phase runs as smoothly as the design phase. After your mood boards and visualization tour, we manage the site and builders for you and check over their work at every stage, meaning you can be guaranteed that everything is to your specifications.

A truly personal experience from start to finish, and with 100% satisfaction guaranteed at each stage, we keep you updated and take comments on board to make sure your bespoke interior and wellness haven is the perfect vision of creative brilliance you envisioned.