Basingstoke Luxury Home

This luxury home is one of the most exciting projects that we worked on in 2020. The newly built luxury home is located in Basingstoke. As soon as we started working on this project, we made improvements both on the interior and the exterior layouts. You can see the newly proposed entrance which better complements this luxurious property in the heart of Hampshire.

We then modelled the entire property in 3D using the architectural plans and elevations provided by the Architect.

Completing the First Room

The first room we completely changed was the family room. This is the center of every home and possibly the most important room inside every home. This is a modern house and we maintained the same modern style inside. The location of the proposed bar dictated our options in terms of layout. As a result, we ended up with two main options as seen in the images attached:

Starting the Remodelling Process

Right next to the family room there was a study room with no windows so we proposed to change the location of the study room and use this space as a hidden wine cellar! The result was spectacular! Below you will see an animated video that we’ve made to help our clients visualize our concept:

After receiving the architectural plans, we took time to find the best interior design in terms of style and spatial. We then embarked on the remodelling process which took us only two weeks to complete. We develop most of our projects in 3D which helps our clients make the best decision to save costs and valuable time regarding the project.

Our interior designers will evaluate your home professionally before recommending the best strategy. When it comes to design, the procedure is very crucial in determining what should be changed or not. Or designers act as an extra set of eyes to recognize things that you may not see.

Our designers understand where to source raw materials at cost-friendly prices. You do not have to walk from shop to shop looking for products or comparing brands and prices. We shall do all the work for you and stay within your budget.