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Interior design costs can vary greatly depending on the size of the space, materials needed, labour costs and a whole host of other factors. You’ll be given a quote for the project once we have all the specifications from you and know exactly what you want. For more information about our standard design costs, you can download our interior design brochure, which has a cost guide attached.

We work on bespoke projects, so there’s no way we can give you a set timeframe until we know what your project will be. We always keep you informed about how long the project will take and any potential issues. We do our best to minimise the disruption caused to you by the works and work tirelessly to complete your project as soon as possible, often using multiple teams to achieve this.

Most of the projects we undertake are in the contemporary style. However, our experienced luxury experts are able to create the perfect space for you in any style you wish. Just let us know your preference and we can make it come to life.

The main goal of our interior design services is to fashion the perfect space for our clients to unwind and relax in. We’re dedicated to crafted flawlessly-designed spaces that invoke a range of emotions and allow you to express your style.

We can undertake work regarding all wet areas, garden design and interior design together to ensure you have a flowing style throughout your property, improving your life by maximising the value of the space you live and relax in.

We know it can be stressful to work with several companies at once when you decide to undergo a project like this, which is why we do everything for you! From design to construction and installation, we can take care of everything so you have a hassle-free experience into the depths of luxury and professional brilliance.

Download our brochure to give yourself a better idea as to what you can expect when you choose to work with us.

For interior and garden design, fees are based on the number of hours worked. We’ll send you a Fee Proposal before any work begins so you can approve the costs before we get started. We will then issue invoices based on the number of hours worked on your project, in the previous month.

Our years of experience and extensive training in design and architecture mixed with our passion for getting things right and our exclusive visualisation technology make us the best choice for your luxury project.

Unlike anyone else, we offer the best visualisation service in the UK. We use the most advanced technologies to help you see the final product in the most realistic way possible. We can change materials, lighting and even the weather outside to give you the perfect feel for your property – all in real time!

First things first, we need to know what the job is and what your expectations are. The first steps involve you contacting us by phone or email so we can discuss your project and setup a free consultation. We’ll provide you with a quote and payments required per phase as the project goes through to completion.

Interior designs are experts in their field. They know exactly what works and how to bring your ideas and vision to life. They keep everything organized, reduce stress for you and have multiple contacts so they can get the job done much quicker with a lot less hassle.

Yes. All interior design services are covered by the contract we use. It lays out our responsibilities to you, your responsibilities to us and our general terms and conditions.


Indoor pools are our most popular pool type and are a great choice when money is no issue. Depending on the look you’re trying to achieve with your pool, we’d always recommend an infinity or deck level pool.

We always recommend concrete pools. Concrete gives you an endless possibility of features and has the longest life. Concrete pools can be any shape, any style and can incorporate any finish or other materials to ensure your luxurious pool stays looking luxurious.

There are a long list of pros for concrete swimming pools

  • The pinnacle of luxury, concrete is by far the best construction type;
  • Allows you to fully personalise the shape, size and style;
  • Can incorporate any type of lighting feature
  • Can have any finish, from beautiful mosaic to natural stone or even 24K gold tiles;
  • It’s the most durable construction. When properly maintained and built by experts, the pool shell can last more than 30 years;
  • It feels solid and sturdy. It has a premium feel and look not like fibreglass pools, which sound hollow when hit.

Most notable cons:

  • Concrete pools can take months to construct, and often cost a lot of money. Despite the cost and time it takes to build them, they offer the best end result and always look luxurious, sturdy and can stand the test of time;
  • Concrete is a heavy substance, so concrete pools can usually only built on the lowest level of a property.

If you’re planning on building an indoor pool, planning permission will always need to be obtained. Outdoor swimming pools usually don’t need planning permission, but if you have a listed building or live in a conservation area, you may need to obtain permission. It’s always a good idea to ask the council before you start planning your new pool. We can help you to find someone qualified to file all necessary paperwork to maximise your chances of obtaining planning permission, and are happy to provide drawings and plans for you to submit as part of the application process.

The pools we help build are always 100% bespoke, so we don’t have set prices. The final price of your indoor or outdoor pool will depend on the size, style, finishes and features that you choose. The starting prices for a basic medium-sized pool of 4m x 10m is £100,000 for outdoor and £180,000 for an indoor pool.

Building costs: between £1000 – £2000 / Square meter

Pool costs: between £2000 – £3000 / Square meter

Pool cover: £5000 – £20.000 / cover

Air Handling: £200 – £300 / Cubic meter

Because of the high costs involved and because is not possible to make alterations or upgrades once the build works start, we strongly suggest to our clients to invest in our visualisation service.

With this service, you can be sure that you’re getting the perfect pool for you. It allows you to see the finished product in virtual reality before construction even begins, so you don’t waste hundreds of thousands of pounds and months of time to end up with a pool that you don’t love.

By using virtual reality and our photorealistic animated scenes, we make sure to achieve the perfect space and swimming pool for you.

How long the design phase lasts usually depends on the clarity of the client’s wishes and requirements. The more sure you are about what you want, the faster we can design the perfect pool for you. If you’re not totally sure, or request a few changes, it can take considerably longer for us to design the finished product. We’ve worked on pools that have taken anywhere from a month to several years to design and we understand that it’s hard to commit to something as valuable as a swimming pool without testing how it will look or feel.

That’s why we’re different from every other design consultancy out there, our unique visualisation software allows you to see the finished pool in all its luxurious glory before we start building. You can see how it will look and get a feel for the finished result.

Once the design phase is finished, construction drawings have been issued and you’re happy to move forward, the build phase is relatively simple. It could take only 3-4 months to actually build your swimming pool, but this can vary depending on the size, style and any features.

You can talk through any concerns you have with a member of the team.

There are multiple finish options for your new adventure into luxury. Each finish presents a completely unique look and feel. Our most popular finish is large format ceramic mosaic tiles, which can be in a range of colours to achieve a different water colour (blue and white for blue water and green or brown for green water).

The perfect finish for your swimming pool is important, so we’ll discuss all the available options with you to ensure we get it right.

We have designed over 100 luxury swimming pools, all unique, in a range of shapes, styles and sizes with a range of finishes. Our ample experience and passion for bespoke luxury means you can rest assured that we can tackle any problem and bring you the pinnacle of brilliance.

You may have noticed the images on our website, which are all screenshots taken from our exclusive virtual reality scenes that we provide to our clients so they can see their swimming pool design come to life. As the only swimming pool company with this technology, we can offer you the peace of mind that no other company can.

To learn more about the benefits we bring to the UK market please visit our post about virtual reality here:

Yes, we have public liability, employer’s liability and Professional Indemnity insurances.


Sauna’s come with many benefits and an abundance of online studies and information. They help with everything from exercise recovery and circulation improvement to easing aches and pains, flushing out toxins and promoting a relaxing environment to reduce stress.

We recommend the sauna to have enough bench room for two people to be able to lie down. Your sauna shouldn’t have internal dimensions smaller than 2m x 1.5m in order to achieve comfortable use.

For a clean look, a hidden heater would be ideal. If you’re not looking for the sleek, minimalist look, then the classic, exposed heater would be the perfect choice, especially if you’d like to add steam from time to time. Exposed heater saunas are similar to a Norwegian sauna or a banya (Russian sauna)

Softwoods that are free of knots are ideal for seating areas. You can choose a matching wood for the sauna walls, or go for something different to create a more luxurious contrast style.

We offer a range of completely customizable and bespoke lighting options for your sauna. From under bench strip lights and spotlights to fibre optic ceiling lights, we can match the perfect lighting to your style expectations. Having a central piece in the middle of your sauna can be a powerful statement, or a salt wall that is meant to illuminate and purify the air and reduce stress, increase energy and to give a boost to your mood.

For a medium size sauna, you can expect to pay somewhere between £10,000 to £25,000. However, this can vary depending on the size, style and finishes used as well as any additional features you opt for.


Steam rooms adopt a similar concept to saunas but have a much higher humidity, up to 100%. This makes the benefits slightly different from that of a sauna, with improved circulation, increased skin health and reduction of oily skin, lower blood pressure and much more as the most notable benefits you can enjoy.

A steam room is different from a sauna. Each one offers different benefits and is constructed differently. The best way forward if you can’t decide which one you want, is to have one of each installed! Many of our clients take this approach in order to make full use of the benefits of each. We can ensure that, if you do decide to have both, they are styled and designed to complement not only their surroundings and your individual style, but also each other so you end up with a matching set of perfectly luxury.

Sauna’s and steam rooms are often used as interchangeable terms, but they do have differences. While both need all-round insulation to retain the heat produced, a sauna is usually constructed entirely from wood while a steam room using higher humidity, meaning that ceramics are more commonly used.

We recommend that your sauna is built to have enough sitting room for two people lying down. The size should ideally be the same as a sauna if you’re opting to have one of each installed. For comfortable use, it should be no smaller than 2m x 1.5m internally.

Additional features can include fully customised lighting options such as spot lighting, strip lighting and fibre optic ceiling lighting. Central pieces placed in the steam room can make a powerful statement and custom-built lounges and featured steam outlets are also great options depending on the style you’re going for.

For a medium-sized steam room you can expect to pay somewhere between £10,000 to £40,000. However, depending on the size, features and the finishes used this can vary.

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